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In need of Executive coaching? Want to improve your company’s teamwork or morale? Interested in Dr. Caruso speaking at your event? >>> Click the icon to visit the page.

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Psychological Services

We offer a full range of Psychological services, including individual, couples and family therapy. Along with Psychological and Neuropsychological testing. >>>Click the Icon to visit the site.

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The Restaurant Therapist

A Licenced Clinical Psychologist, with over 25 years experience “In The Biz”. Learn how we can improve your restaurant’s mental health. >>>Click the Icon to visit the site.

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DACPACS, Inc, offers a variety of consultation and psychological services. It is the parent company of The Restaurant Therapist, which offers consultation and training, led by a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years experience "in the biz". As well as the, Psychological Health And Therapy Center, which provides a wide variety of psychological assessment and mental health services. Our CEO Dr. Andre Caruso, also offers a full range of executive coaching and consulting services, and is a renowned expert speaker.